Very tall people can often be ungainly.

I'm absolutely opposed to the tree being chopped down.


In fact, Anatoly told me you didn't like me.

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In one single square kilometre of Borneo woodland have been found as many species of trees as exist in all of North America.


There's a full stop missing from the end of the sentence.

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I'll finish cleaning this place up before I go home.

Interpreting is the basics of translation.

Yesterday you were at home.

Let's get the facts straight.

I promised Elizabeth we wouldn't do that.


They cannot get the operating system to work.

They built an asylum for the blind.

He chopped off the chicken's head.

The old man is wise and knows many things about life.

We're going to travel to Estonia at the end of next month.

He's left-handed.

I wonder if Avery can help us.

I'll be back within an hour.

The sky started to darken.

We were given the privilege to use the liberty.

Anne should've won.

He received more than six million votes.

A demonym is typically - but not always - derived from a placename, though it is equally true that many countries are named for their inhabitants.

Kids can be kids.

Youth is wasted on the young.

The grass sprouts all over the garden.

Lester is rich enough to buy anything he wants.

That child's easily distracted.

Roderick will have a busy weekend.


I just wish Antonella had brought a flashlight.


Did you speak with her?

Peggy saw an attractive middle-aged lady in the park.

He caught three fish.

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He'd been in Kyoto twice.


Is this about Emily?

Pamela may do whatever he likes with what I gave him.

Dan didn't even greet Linda back.

Why he wants to go there is beyond me.

Wilson stood in front of Marla's corpse.

I like that job.

The teacher answers every question we ask.


I had to choose between A and B.

Here, mistakes are the soul of dialogue.

That request was denied.

Never in my life have I seen such a terrible accident.

Next year will be exciting.


How long do we have to do this?

Brender wanted to run for class president.

Your answer is not to the point.

If I scold you, it is not that I am angry.

Let's stop by Christian's and talk to him.

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Is there something you wanted?

Wow, you look really beautiful.

The notice in the park said "Keep off the grass".

I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

I couldn't protect her.

Diane couldn't go because he was unable to get permission.

Now the old lady lives alone.


I prefer to ride a bike.

What do you think about when you go to sleep?

That's a beautiful painting.

I'll meet you down in the lobby.

You were Arthur's only friend.

I deal with that.

You aren't college material.


This cloth is very thick.

Cynthia is a special-needs child.

I miss summer!

Jarl lives in the heart of the city.

I'm going back to Boston as soon as this meeting is over.

Send for the doctor at once, or the patient may get worse.

Perhaps it will snow tomorrow.

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I failed to find Dorian's house.

The water is clear to the bottom.

The chicken was wonderful.

We know you didn't kill her.

We meet again in three hours.

Jock said that shouldn't be a problem.

He is no match for me in tennis.


I told her to leave me alone.

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Don't leave that here.

Tickets are $30 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door.

He couldn't go against his principles.

I gave an answer to him with great difficulty.

Do you think Linder knew I was here?

I never met her.

I don't know when he'll come, but when he does, he'll do his best.

I saw them die.

He can pull strings for you.

I think it natural that he got angry.

I suppose you're worried about Conrad.


I won't be pushed into this.

I don't know how I managed to do that. The main thing is that I was able to do it at all.

Are you also from Boston?


We debated the matter at length.

A large bird landed on the windowsill.

I don't know where I've left the keys.

I'll help you.

Call on us in case of any difficulties.

I love travel but I can't, because I don't have any money.

How am I supposed to understand that?

Shouldn't you tell Kristin what Lanny did?

The doctors were up in arms about their proposed new contracts.

Where exactly are we?

Show her the magazine.

Her grandfather died of cancer last year.

What're you doing with that?


It's just to remind and put it on paper.

Maybe I just imagined that.

This dictionary is of great use to me.


She may be waiting at the station now.


Do you have any knowledge of this matter?

In each of us there lives the fiery soul of a warrior.

Vic dashed after Patricia.

She has a house, a dog, a cat, two kids and a husband.

Have you got a red pencil?

This is what I thought.

Kikki certainly isn't the first person who had that idea.

Can you give me a little bit longer?

Reid's doctor told him he needed to get more exercise.

I found him working in the garden.

Mason came home covered with mud.

When I asked whether I might talk with him a moment, he said, "By all means."

I hate guys like that.

What makes one person a genius and another person a fool?

I should've kissed you when I had the chance.

He likes to travel abroad.

I assume that Tuna can swim.

Can I have your name and telephone number?

Are you concerned with politics?

We have more to do.

I discovered a new game this summer.

She advised him to see a lawyer.

I'm sorry to say this, but you're fired.

You've got to warn her.

We've got less than three minutes.

Why don't you come out with us tonight?

He's a bread connoisseur.

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"Hey, when do the dorms lock up?" "9 o'clock" "Whoops, if we don't run we won't make it!"

This book should help you a lot.

I have to study now.

Thank you for returning my call.

He knows better than to lend you money.

You are level-headed.

I hope we're going to do something worthwhile.


I just think it's the right thing to do.

You always throw your money away.

Leo is crazy, and possibly dangerous.

He made his way through difficulties.

They can wait.

Conversation lasted beyond the midnight.

Annie knows you.

What color is it?

Casey will definitely cooperate.

Vijay often talks on the phone.

His negotiations, far from ending in failure, achieved dazzling success.


I was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

Surely that's unnecessary.

By whom was this machine invented?

I'm not used to doing this kind of thing.

You have to write that phrase again.

I can't talk with my father without losing my temper.

I'll ask Ragnar that question the next time I see him.

I'm working in your house only.

He'll get hold of us as soon as he has the information.

I'm going to give Mahesh a bath.

I need this.

It's only Christopher.

Peggy plunged the hot metal into cold water.

The old couple sat side by side.

Why do you have your umbrella up? It's not raining.

Here's a picture of you.

Hi, come on in.

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I just love to watch Jesse play.